Midi Mag Episode 7.

In this episode.

1. A very cool show returns to the internets as a podcast. Check out Jeremy Hartley's Wholenote show.

2. I play a clip from another cool podcast called Project Studio Network.

I couldn't put direct links to Bob's interview because it would screw up the feed, andfor some reason, episodes aren't in my juice receiver,so you'll find them on the site.

3. Peter Gabriel has offered up all the original tracks for "Shock The Monkey." Its a remixin contest and the best remix wins an SSL Deuende. My buddy Ian has submitted an awesome remix, and it is now in the top 20. Click Here to vote for Ian.

4. A rant about companies who take peoples money for the purpose of exposing your music. I site an article found href="http://cdbaby.net/tips" target="_blank">Here

5. Neal Ewers

compares several mics.

6. I demonstrate the giant Squid Audio mimiplug mic.




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MidiMag Epesode 6.

In this epesode.

1. The Pro Tools Petition has been live for a few days slau gives us a brief comentary on the petition. Click here to sign and show your support.

2. ick dotson calls in to give his responce to my commentary on the elior smith thread.

3. jim Fidler brings us part 2 of the review of the eteral r09.

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MidiMag Episode 4.

In this epesode.

1. I take a pole on whether you all want programmed shows, or to have presentations come down the feed as soon as they are published.

2. Jason Dasent demonstrates JSonar, www.jsonar.org.
3. Rory Hoffman demonstrates the roland VG 8 guitar synth. Here's the direct link for the product page. http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.aspx?ObjectId=442

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MidiMag Episode 3. The Motif edition.

Well folks, after a week's worthof recording, rerecording, and re-re-recording, it's finally here. The episode will tell you all about my frustrations.

In this episode
1. Bryan Smart, www.bryansmart.com,gives us an introduction to the motif, outlining it's button,knob,and jacklayouts, as well as brief descriptions of the modes.

2. Jason Dasent shows us how to use the Motif Mix editor from John Melas, http://www.jmelas.gr/motif/.

3. I was going to do a bit regarding the Eliot Smith thread on the list, but got so frustrated with Sound Forge that I rant about it for about 10 minutes. The Eliot Smith bit will overflow to episode 4.
Theme music provided by Ross McGregor.
Transitional music into Bryan's podcast is an R and B remix of "In Love With You by BrianSmart. Musiccoming out of Bryan's podcast comes from "Get The Door" available at www.bryansmart.com.


Midi Mag episode 2.

Thanks to Ross McGreggor for creating outintro andoutro theme.

In this episode

1. Slau, www.slau.net, shows us some editing tricks in Pro Tools.
2. Jim Fidler, www.republicofavalonradio.com, shows us hisnew Eteral R09 recorder.
3. Victor Tsaron shows us how to use the Roland GT8 guitar processor.

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Midi Mag episode 1.

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1. Intro and rundown.

2. NealEwers,www.ravenswood.org, gives us a comparison of 3 microphones. The Neuman tlm 104,the Barenger b1, and the Studio Projects b1.

3. Ross McGregger shows us how he uses Cubass SX with Auto Hotkeys along with his Control Surface.

4. I demonstrate how to build an amazing musicians website using Host Baby, www.hostbaby.com.
Featured Music
1. Neal Ewers- Crystal Night
2. Neal Ewers - Coming Home
3. Chris Wright- Rock Track
4. John Ram - Hope To You
5. Slau - ColdOne

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