midimag (midimag) wrote,

MidiMag Episode 3. The Motif edition.

Well folks, after a week's worthof recording, rerecording, and re-re-recording, it's finally here. The episode will tell you all about my frustrations.

In this episode
1. Bryan Smart, www.bryansmart.com,gives us an introduction to the motif, outlining it's button,knob,and jacklayouts, as well as brief descriptions of the modes.

2. Jason Dasent shows us how to use the Motif Mix editor from John Melas, http://www.jmelas.gr/motif/.

3. I was going to do a bit regarding the Eliot Smith thread on the list, but got so frustrated with Sound Forge that I rant about it for about 10 minutes. The Eliot Smith bit will overflow to episode 4.
Theme music provided by Ross McGregor.
Transitional music into Bryan's podcast is an R and B remix of "In Love With You by BrianSmart. Musiccoming out of Bryan's podcast comes from "Get The Door" available at www.bryansmart.com.

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