midimag (midimag) wrote,

Midi Mag episode 1.

Direct Download

1. Intro and rundown.

2. NealEwers,www.ravenswood.org, gives us a comparison of 3 microphones. The Neuman tlm 104,the Barenger b1, and the Studio Projects b1.

3. Ross McGregger shows us how he uses Cubass SX with Auto Hotkeys along with his Control Surface.

4. I demonstrate how to build an amazing musicians website using Host Baby, www.hostbaby.com.
Featured Music
1. Neal Ewers- Crystal Night
2. Neal Ewers - Coming Home
3. Chris Wright- Rock Track
4. John Ram - Hope To You
5. Slau - ColdOne

To contribute to future episodes, senda file via www.yousendit.com to me@kevinreeves.net.
To leave feedback via phone, call 206 600-Midi or 6434.

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